what monuments have been destroyed 2020

There have already been multiple arrests made by D.C. Police after vandalism and destruction took place Saturday into Sunday. Crowds toppled it this week", "Junipero Serra statue to be moved away from Ventura City Hall", "Letter: A peaceful resolution on Father Junipero Serra statue", "Ventura City Council Votes To Remove Junipero Serra Statue", "Demonstrators Topple Statues in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park", "Demonstrators topple statue of Junipero Serra, who helped found missions in California, in DTLA", "Serra statue removed in Carmel for safekeeping, local cities deciding fate of others", Denver “proactively” removes Kit Carson statue from downtown monument ahead of protests, "San Gabriel Mission, a symbol of faith, history and oppression, is badly damaged by fire", "Junipero Serra statue taken down by protesters at Capitol, CHP says", "Windsor plans to move statue of Major John Mason, leader of Pequot Massacre", "Sitkans gather to demand the relocation of controversial Baranov Statue", "Sitka Assembly will move Baranov statue", "Theodore Roosevelt (sculpture) [Portland, Oregon]", "Portland protesters pull down statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln", "Abraham Lincoln (sculpture) [Portland, Oregon]", "Christopher Columbus Monument [Richmond, Virginia]", Watch Now: Protesters Stand in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples at Byrd Park where Columbus Statue is Torn Down, THrown in Lake, Christopher Columbus Statue Torn Down, Thrown in Lake by Protesters, "Christopher Columbus [Saint Paul, Minnesota]", Group Tears Down Columbus Statue Outside Minnesota State Capitol, "Christopher Columbus [Boston, Massachusetts]", "Vandalized statue of Christopher Columbus will be removed pending a review, Mayor Walsh says", "Christopher Columbus [Camden, New Jersey]", "Columbus Statues Removed in Camden, New Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware", Goodbye Columbus: Houston removes vandalized statue from Bell Park, "Christopher Columbus Monument [New London, Connecticut]", "New London Mayor Decides to Remove Christopher Columbus Statue; Hopes to Have Public Weigh In", "Christopher Columbus [Wilmington, Delaware]", "Wilmington to remove Caesar Rodney statue; Christopher Columbus statue already down", "Christopher Columbus [Columbia, South Carolina]", "Mayor: Columbia Christopher Columbus statue put in storage after vandalism", "Christopher Columbus [Chula Vista, California]", "Chula Vista city officials put Christopher Columbus statue in storage ahead of protest", "Christopher Columbus statue temporarily removed in Middletown, mayor says it hasn't been vandalized", West Orange will remove Christopher Columbus monument, a ‘symbol of hate and oppression’, "Christopher Columbus [Detroit, Michigan]", "After 110 years downtown, Detroit's Christopher Columbus bust placed in storage", "Christopher Columbus Monument [Hartford, Connecticut]", "Hartford and New Haven will remove statues honoring Christopher Columbus", "Christopher Columbus statue near Connecticut Capitol removed", "Christopher Columbus [New Haven, Connecticut]", "New Haven Takes Down Christopher Columbus Statue in Wooster Square", "Christopher Columbus [Columbus State Community College]", "Columbus Statue Coming Down at CSCC – Columbus Underground", "Christopher Columbus statue removed at Columbus State", "Statue of Christopher Columbus [St. Louis, Missouri]", "Christopher Columbus statue removed from Tower Grove Park", "Statue of Statue of Columbus Before Queen Isabella", "Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella statue removed from State Capitol Rotunda", "Columbus statue inside California Capitol is removed", Columbus Statue to be Removed from California State Capitol, California to Remove Columbus Statue from State Capitol after 137 years, "San Francisco knocks Christopher Columbus off his pedestal before protesters do", "Christopher Columbus [Columbus City Hall]", "City of Columbus to remove Christopher Columbus statue outside City Hall", "Columbus, Ohio, Takes Down Statue Of Christopher Columbus", "Columbus Monument [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]", "Philadelphia moves to dismantle Christopher Columbus statue", "Christopher Columbus [Norwalk, Connecticut]", "After nightfall, Norwalk removes Columbus statue", "Christopher Columbus [Providence, Rhode Island]", "Newark – Christopher Columbus Statue in Washington Park", Another Christopher Columbus statue removed from N.J. city park, "Christopher Columbus, Discoverer of America [Denver, Colorado]", Statue honoring Christopher Columbus in Denver's Civic Center torn down overnight, "Columbus statue on the move in A.C., Stockton knee-deep in seagrass, the Pleasantville March for Justice and more", "Christopher Columbus Discoverer of the New World 1492 [San Antonio, Texas]", "San Antonio to remove Christopher Columbus statue before deciding its permanent fate in August", "San Antonio's downtown Christopher Columbus statue comes down", "Cristoforo Colombo [Waterbury, Connecticut]", "Columbus statue decapitated in Waterbury, Conn. amid protests", "Christopher Columbus statue is toppled, parts tossed into Inner Harbor", "Christopher Columbus [Bridgeport, Connecticut]", "City Officials Remove Christopher Columbus Statue in Bridgeport", "Bridgeport's Columbus statue quietly removed on Monday", "Small Wisconsin city votes to remove Christopher Columbus statue", "Christopher Columbus statue coming down in Trenton", Norwich to replace Christopher Columbus memorial, "What shall we do with our drunken sailor, inventor of Americas? County announced that they would vote later on where to relocate monument. WATCH NOW: Crews wrap up a whirlwind week of removing Confederate monuments in Richmond. Toppled and decapitated by members of the, The mosaic on the façade of the main entrance to the former, The stained glass window depicts Robert E. Lee standing next to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Juan de Oñate, when governor of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, was responsible for the 1599 Acoma Massacre. Removed at direction of county commissioner, placed in storage. The monument for the Confederate veterans of Company H, Temporarily removed by Río Arriba County authorities, The right foot of the statue was cut off and stolen in 1997, in reference to Oñate's, Removed by city pending a decision on next steps, The monument honors Colorado citizens who served in the Union Army. Two statues toppled by protesters; remainder removed by work crew, Protesters pulled down the two statues at the base of the monument, dragging one through the streets and hanging it from a street light. The statue was relocated from the Lenoir County visitor's center to the First Battle of Kinston Civil War Battlefield Park. Watie headed the Confederate-allied Cherokee. In the process, the lower ends of both formerly vertical columns were broken in multiple places. [3] Statues of Junípero Serra, Juan de Oñate and Kit Carson, also involved in mistreatment of Native Americans, were also torn down or removed. Fiscal Court set up a relocation committee to plan for the removal and find a new location. The monument consisted of a standing commemorative plaque connected to two stone benches; the benches were not removed. The plaque was located next to the Wicomico County Courthouse. Glass case left empty. Placed in storage, city will solicit proposals from museums for relocations, One statue, six busts, and one plaque commemorating Confederate leaders were removed from the. Some of the monuments in question had been the subject of lengthy, years-long efforts to remove them, sometimes involving legislation and/or court proceedings. We apologise for the years spent celebrating the legacy of a man without understanding the origin of his wealth, gained through slavery and human exploitation", "Statue of slave owner Thomas Picton to be removed from Cardiff City Hall", "Statue of Welsh slave trader Sir Thomas Picton boarded up in Cardiff", "Debate flares as British Museum moves bust of slave-owning founder Hans Sloane", "British Museum removes founder's statue over slavery links", "British Museum moves bust of founder who had links to slavery", "John Gordon plaque to be removed from Dorchester church", "John Gordon plaque covered up at St Peter's Church", "How 'racist' bust 'hidden by Tory councillor' divided Derbyshire town", "Black man's head pub sign to go in racism row in Ashbourne", 'Degrading' Dunham Massey Hall Statue Removed, "Dunham Massey removes sundial statue as National Trust admits it causes 'upset and distress, "The Rhodes Building (North Range), Oriel College (1046662)", "Racist pet gravestone removed from Coombe Abbey Park", "Racist name removed from grave of Dambusters' dog", "Headstone of Dambusters hero Guy Gibson's dog replaced", "Gevandaliseerd beeld van Leopold II weggehaald uit dorpskern van Ekeren", "Standbeeld Leopold II verwijderd in Ekeren", "University of Mons takes down Leopold II statue", "L'UMons retire un buste de Léopold II suite à une pétition", "Values made visible: KU Leuven places bust of Leopold II in storage", "Leopold II statues defaced and removed across Belgium | Flanders Today", "Gent haalt beeld Leopold II weg: "Een dergelijk figuur kunnen we niet langer eren, "George Floyd protests: Hamilton City Council to remove controversial statue", "Controversial statue of Captain John Hamilton has been removed", "Catalogue showcases city's public art collection", "University of Free State removes statue of Boer Republic president MT Steyn", "As statues fall globally, the University of the Free State chose a different path", "Statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes decapitated in South Africa", "Head of Cecil Rhodes gouged off Cape Town monument", "Cecil Rhodes statue in Cape Town has head removed", "The day Cecil John Rhodes lost his head", "Case of controversial statue comes to an end", "Sir Mark Cubbon statue moved into park premises", "As imperial figures across the world are brought to a reckoning, a look at statues and their relevance in colonial India", "Lord Nelson statue in Barbados to be get a new home with public input", "Denny unmoved in the face of delay of Lord Nelson statue removal", "Controversy over death of George Floyd felt in Cambodia", "Amid Protests, Genocide Survivors Don't Want Their Story Forgotten", "Sir John A. Macdonald Statue in Baden to be relocated", "Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Baden moved into storage", "Montreal city officials remove toppled statue of Sir John A. Macdonald", "Dublin hotel removes statues of chained girls", "Shelbourne Hotel statues do not depict slave girls, says leading art historian", "Shelbourne Hotel statues to be restored to their plinths", "Shelbourne statues reinstated to front of hotel", "Colombia: Indigenous protesters topple conquistador's statue", "Future of Captain Cook statue discussed by Sister City Commission", "FSU panel votes to remove campus honors for B.K. The owner, United Daughters of the Confederacy, moved the date up because of the protests. Removed by city council, placed in storage, Removed by San Diego Parks and Recreation and Stockdale Capital Partners. A resolution to remove the monument passed the Indianapolis Parks Board in 2017, but was not funded. A number of monuments have been removed from places around the U.S. since Memorial Day, though most removals have been of Confederate monuments, according to data released in August by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Asheville City Council and Buncombe County Council. The statue may be placed back on display at "an appropriate site" such as a museum. Mirshani, Dean & Dennis, Ben (June 11, 2020). Dates are in 2020 unless otherwise specified. Four people were charged with felony criminal mischief over removal of this statue. Removal of remainder ordered by Governor, Toppled and set afire by protesters during, The statue was wrapped in chains before it was toppled. The following buildings were destroyed, torn down, or heavily damaged during the George Floyd protests due to their perceived racist heritage: Monuments removed during the 2020 protests, For a broader overview of this topic, including removals before the George Floyd protests, see. Had been repaired after nose was cut off in 2015. The City of Pensacola is calling for its removal. The statue was originally placed in front of the, Being removed "to avert potential vandalism", After the statue was toppled from its base, it was dumped into Baltimore's, City Council voted to put it in storage until another home is found, Removal ordered by Norwich Italian Heritage & Cultural Community. Removed from the front of the Gadsden County Courthouse. In a few instances, like the Montgomery County Confederate Soldiers Monument and the Statue of John Mason, the monuments had already been moved from their original location, sometimes more than once, as different venues objected. The statue would be removed from the city square late at night for an almost five hour period on October 15–16. Thirty-three statues of Columbus. But where? The university removed the monument "as a precaution". Removal ordered by mayor Mike Purzycki to be stored while the display of the statue is discussed. Louisburg Town Council voted to move the monument to Oakwood Cemetery. It has been the site of heated protests that have seen … The Royal African Company, which engaged in African slave trading between 1662 and 1731,[356] enslaved and shipped more Africans to the Americas than any other institution in the history of the Atlantic slave trade.[357]. No final removal date has yet been announced. Toppled and beheaded; not likely to be repaired. ", Various plaques commemorating members of the Confederacy placed across University, Removed at the request of the building's owner, Plaque unveiled at Captain's Walk in 2010; it marked the site of the house of Thomas Phillips (, The Market House Building, a tourist attraction and museum on the site of a former, The structure is a former slave market; it was built in 1795 and is located in the downtown area of Louisville. Blacks on the County Commission voted for removal, whites to leave it. Placed in storage. Four statues decapitated and one pulled down by protesters. Protection of monuments, memorials, and works of art", "San Francisco protesters topple statues of Ulysses Grant and other slave owners", "Portland Man Describes Tearing Down Thomas Jefferson Statue: "It's Not Vandalism, "George Washington statue toppled, American flag burned by Portland protesters", "Exclusive: Over 100 Confederate Symbols Have Been Removed Or Renamed Since Cops Killed George Floyd", "Statue Of Winston Churchill Is Covered Up In London", "Statue of Queen Victoria defaced in Hyde Park, Leeds", "CNA Cardinal Dolan: Amid statue toppling, let's avoid a cultural revolution", "Even the Bible Is Full of Flawed Characters", "Trump blasts "left wing cultural revolution" at Mount Rushmore", "Trump idea of 'National Garden of American Heroes' raises questions", "Protesters denounce Abraham Lincoln statue in D.C., urge removal of Emancipation Memorial", "Protesters topple Confederate monument in Birmingham", "Obituary for a racist symbol: Birmingham takes down Confederate monument after 115 years", "Alabama attorney general sues Birmingham for removing Confederate monument", "Confederate monuments targeted by protests come down in Alabama, Virginia, Florida", "Activists raise money to pay fine to remove Confederate statue outside Madison County Courthouse", "Sons of Confederate Veterans remove Robert E. Lee bust from downtown Fort Myers", "4 face felony charge for bringing down Robert E. Lee High statue", "Agreement will remove Confederate statue", "Confederate monument in Bentonville taken down", "Athens mayor and commissioners call to move Confederate memorial", "Mayor orders county to look into removing Confederate monument downtown, commissioners speak on protest", "Crews to begin work to move Confederate monument in Athens", "Rocky Mount mayor says city council votes to remove Confederate monument at local park", "Rocky Mount removes Confederate monument", "Indianapolis Confederate monument once embraced by KKK to be removed amid George Floyd protests", "Indianapolis to dismantle Confederate monument in park", "Statues of Confederate figures, slave owners come down amid protests", "Alabama city removes Confederate statue without warning", "Mobile mayor, Confederate descendants battle over monument's fate", "Statue of Confederate soldier will be removed from Montgomery Bell Academy campus", "Nashville school removes Confederate soldier Sam Davis statue", "Controversial John B. Castleman statue removed at Cherokee Triangle", "Confederate statue removed from park overnight; others in Jacksonville also coming down", "Denton, Tarrant counties vote to remove Confederate monuments", "Man Spent 20 Years Protesting Confederate Monument, It's Now Being Removed", Crews Dismantle Confederate Memorial in Denton's Downtown Square, "LIST: Here are the 11 Jacksonville Civil War monuments, markers coming down", "Tarrant County commissioners vote to remove Confederate monument from courthouse yard", "Tarrant County removes Confederate marker from courthouse", "Madison County Commission votes to remove statue", "Madison County Monument Relocation Request Punted to Attorney General", "Confederate monument in Huntsville removed overnight", "Tentative deal reached to move Salisbury Confederate monument 'Fame,' requires City Council approval", "UDC signs agreement from city to relocate 'Fame' Confederate statue", "After 111 years, Salisbury Confederate monument 'Fame' moved", "Houston to remove Confederate statues from city parks", "President of Houston NAACP condemns relocation of confederate statue to African-American museum", "Spirit of Confederacy statue removed from Houston park after 112 years", "Plan to move a Confederate statue to Port Arthur appears stalled", "Statue of Confederate commander Dick Dowling removed from Hermann Park", "Gadsden County removes Confederate statue in Quincy", "Gadsden County commissioners vote to remove, relocate Confederate Memorial", "How a big city lawyer took on a small town Florida Confederate monument — and won", "Confederate monument in Dallas' Pioneer Park can come down, appeals court rules", "Workers remove last of Confederate monument in downtown Dallas", "Judge orders removal of Confederate monument in Decatur Square", "Confederate obelisk removed from Georgia square amid cheers", "Jefferson Davis statue removal process underway", "Confederate statue removal soon after Monday night vote", "NC county removes Confederate monument outside of courthouse", "Supervisors to Remove Confederate Statue", "The Iberville Parish Council voted Tuesday night (June 16) to remove a Confederate era statue from in front of the old courthouse in Plaquemine", "36-hour flurry of activity leads to removal of Iberville's century-old Confederate statue", "Buncombe County Council passes joint resolution to remove Vance Monument, other Confederate monuments", "Crews to put shroud around Asheville Confederate monument", "A Confederate statue is toppled in rural Maryland, then quietly stored away", "UNLV removes Confederate-themed 'rebel' statue in wake of protests against racial injustice", "Confederate monuments to be moved from downtown Asheville", "Confederate monument in front of Buncombe County courthouse removed", "Confederate monument removed from Buncombe Co. courthouse", "Confederate monuments in downtown Asheville removed or covered", "Confederate monument removed by city of plant city", "Jefferson Davis Memorial removed from Washington Park", "Horton Plaza's Robert E. Lee Marker Removed,", "Little Rock removes Confederate statue from city park", "Demonstrators topple 2 statues from Confederate monument outside NC Capitol building", "To cheers and music, workers dismantling 75-foot Confederate monument at NC Capitol", "Protesters topple Confederate general statue in Washington DC and set it on fire", "Protesters topple only Confederate statue in the nation's capital", "Mayor, D.C. Councilmembers Want Statue Of Confederate General On Federal Land Removed", "D.C. Councilmembers Want Statue Of Confederate General To Come Down, But Congress Is In Their Way", "Pine Bluff Confederate statue comes down in agreement", Confederate memorial monument, bridge sign removed by city of Clarksville, "Grave marker for Confederate troops toppled in Silver Spring", "Confederate statue on Ole Miss campus relocated", Confederate Statue Being Moved at University of Mississippi, "St. Augustine commissioners vote 3–2 to remove Confederate memorial", "Louisburg to move Confederate statue to cemetery", "NC town takes first step in relocating Confederate monument, removing soldier from top", "Board votes to remove Confederate monument", "Statue on Confederate monument comes down", "Confederate monument removed from Courthouse Square", "Granville County Confederate monument removed following 'credible threat, There’s a memorial in Charlotte to Confederate Judah Benjamin, and the city’s Jews want it gone, "Confederate statue relocated to Civil War battlefield", "Two Confederate statues removed from downtown Wilmington", "Confederate Memorial removed from Jacqueline Park", "Privately owned Confederate statue removed in Fayetteville", "Confederate monument in Haymount removed", "Lowndes County Commission votes unanimously to remove Confederate monument in Hayneville", Confederate monument removed from West Virginia park, "Confederate statue toppled, monuments defaced in Maryland", "After 107 years, Confederate monument in Conyers is taken down", "Confederate monument at Rockdale County Courthouse removed", "Confederate monument removed from Georgia county courthouse", "Orangeburg City Council votes to remove Confederate statue, rename road", "Confederate monument removed from Fayetteville cemetery", "As nation grapples with symbols and equality, Delaware to remove public whipping post", "Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory: Remove Confederate Gen. Alfred Mouton statue", The Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, Louisiana), "Four Confederate monuments to be removed in Fulton County", "Church near Charlotte demands immediate removal of Confederate statue from lawn", "Another Confederate monument falls, this time on the West Shore", "Confederate statue at Lothian church torn down, vandalized, Anne Arundel police say", "Local Activists Take Credit for Toppling Confederate Monument", "Sarasota Confederate monument abruptly removed", "At least 4 Mississippi counties to move Confederate statues", "Greensboro Confederate statue removed from Green Hills Cemetery", "People react to vandalism, removal of Confederate monument at Green Hill Cemetery", "City issues memorandum recommending removal of Pensacola's Confederate monument", "Pensacola's Confederate monument vandalized overnight", https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/florida/os-ne-pensacola-florida-confederate-monument-20201028-ghwvgzzd6rabdat6gdygaowzgq-story.html, "Another metro county OKs Confederate monument removal", "Confederate monument at McDonough Square removed overnight", "Confederate statue removed from Anson courthouse", "A fitting end to the last Confederate monument in Southern California", "Port Allen approves plan to remove Confederate statue of its namesake, Henry Watkins Allen", "Capitol Commission approves moving Nathan Bedford Forrest bust to Tennessee State Museum", "Confederate statue on Canal Street in New Orleans knocked over; 2nd statue toppled overnight", "Little Rock park markers for Dodd removed; mayor seeking 'inclusive' sites", "Confederate Marker Removed From Charlotte's Grady Cole Center", "Confederate soldier statue in downtown Clinton removed after being vandalized", "Pasquotank County commissioners vote to relocate Confederate monument in Elizabeth City", "Gainesville City Council votes to remove Confederate monument", "Gainesville City Council Votes to Remove Confederate Statue", "City of Madison to remove confederate monument", "Macon Mayor plans to remove Confederate monuments for downtown improvements", "Caddo Parish, Daughters of Confederacy reach agreement to move monument", "Confederate Monuments Removed From Arizona State Land", "Caldwell County commissioners vote to remove Confederate monument", "Gaston County Commissioners vote to remove and relocate Confederate monument", "Daviess Co. Fiscal Court votes to relocate Confederate statue", "University of Florida removes confederate monument in St. Augustine", "Concerns spur officials to remove Confederate marker in Kentucky", "Confederate marker at WKU removed for second time", "Putnam's Confederate monument to get a new home. Base has been mostly dismantled. Confederate monuments commemorate politicians, Army officers, and soldiers of the Confederacy. Citing protest-related vandalism damage and possible protester injuries during further vandalism attempts, officials decided to store the statue indefinitely. Statue was torn off pedestal and destroyed. Protesters removed the bust from Duncan Plaza and rolled it into the, Toppled after Black Lives Matter protest, allegedly by people unassociated with protest. Removal authorized by unanimous vote of Madison County Commission. A statue of Christopher Columbus lies facedown after being toppled by protesters on the grounds of the state capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 10, 2020. The Confederate States of America fought a four-year war (the American Civil War) to preserve the institution of slavery. The memorial, constructed in 1905, is located in front of the, Two unanimous votes by city council, plus police chief declared it a risk to public safety, Removed by city, disassembled and placed in storage. The statue was placed in offsite storage pending final disposition or relocation. To destroy a monument is to desecrate our common inheritance. And, in Minneapolis, two statues were graffitied on Thursday, CBSN Minnesota reported. Some comments claim history has been "whitewashed." A statue of Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of "Don Quixote," stands after being vandalized overnight in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Saturday, June 20, 2020. Removal announced by Columbus State Community College's president of the board of trustees, to be stored while the future of the statue is discussed. 171,658 In recent weeks, in the midst of protests across America, many monuments have been vandalized or destroyed. "Virginia governor to announce removal of iconic Richmond statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee", "Richmond judge blocks the state's removal of Robert E Lee statue", "UPDATE: J.E.B. It marked the remains of seventeen unidentified Confederate soldiers killed during the. This list is limited to successful removals, and instances in which a person or body with authority has committed itself to removal. County commissioners unanimously voted to remove monument, Granville County commissioners voted to remove monument after threats were made to topple monument. The statue was located in a park where many other monuments have historically been vandalized. The Bank is conducting a review of its collection of portraits of former governors and directors, in order to ensure that none depicting figures involved in the slave trade remain on display. One of George Washington was toppled and splattered with paint, and on another statue, the words “no thanks,” “no more genocide,” “decolonize,” and "land back" were spray-painted on it. Other N.J. governors say they didn't use it", "Plaque honoring Confederate soldiers to be removed from Maryland State House", "Sir Thomas Picton plaque will go on display in Town museum", "Controversial plaque commemorating Brecon's links to slave trader is removed ahead of review", "Controversial plaque commemorating slave owner removed", "Market House Set On Fire in Fayetteville", "Clean up begins after night of looting, fires and vandalism in Raleigh, Fayetteville", "Daughters of Confederacy headquarters on fire", "All the Monuments to Racism That Have Been Torched, Occupied, or Removed", A former slave market will be removed from the center of Georgia's first capital, "Confederate statues: In 2020, a renewed battle in America's enduring Civil War", "Pulling down statues of racists? The fountain was dedicated in 1913 by the Daughters of the Confederacy rather than the Cherokee Nation. At Least 7 Christopher Columbus Statues Have Been Destroyed in 2020 At least seven statues of the colonizer Christopher Columbus have been destroyed in 2020 as … This monument was spraypainted by protesters over the weekend of May 30, presumably violating the 2015 state law that prevents such monuments from being removed, destroyed, or altered. Statue was torn down and decapitated; head stolen. Was located near Virginia Commonwealth University's Monroe Park campus. ", Indigenous symbols rise as colonial monuments fall in New Mexico, Confederate monuments coming down amid protests, Objection to the misrepresentation of Junípero Serra, who advocated for indigenous people, Christopher Columbus (Columbus State Community College), Donald Trump photo op at St. John's Church, When the looting starts, the shooting starts, 2020 deployment of federal forces in the United States, Actions against memorials in the United Kingdom, George Floyd Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act, 2020–2021 Minneapolis–Saint Paul racial unrest, Monument and memorial controversies in the United States, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_monuments_and_memorials_removed_during_the_George_Floyd_protests&oldid=1001930309, Lists of monuments and memorials by subject, Removed Confederate States of America monuments and memorials, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from June 2020, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Toppled by protesters who unsuccessfully attempted to remove the nearby, The mayor said that the $25,000 fine for violating the. Removals, and instances in which a person or body with authority has committed itself to.... Officials decided to store the statue will be replaced with a statement honoring Italian immigrants to Norwich to protester! In storage until a final determination is reached regarding the statue was relocated from the front North. And monument were allegedly removed for their own protection plaque claims not to `` sides... Base and tumbled to the Wicomico County courthouse mayor, removed by San Diego Parks and Recreation and Stockdale Partners. Of a Group of statues toppled in Golden Gate Park the LANDBACK campaign is an Movement... Removing Confederate monuments in Richmond ; pulled off its pedestal by a rope new location targeted. A Park where many other monuments have been targeted in protest of America a! Enslaved African Americans were freed and became citizens with the pending resolution preexisting... Monument '' long honored racist figures are being boxed up, spray-painted — or beheaded the had... Crews wrap up a relocation committee to plan for the Confederacy rather than the Cherokee Nation Dodd, statue... Off in 2015 4–1 for the 1599 Acoma Massacre and buildings in multiple places of sculptor family. Year-Old executed by the Daughters of the memorial was not funded the.... The portrayal of Columbus, part of the Confederacy, moved the date up because the. Further vandalism attempts, pending resolution of preexisting legal dispute over disposition on where relocate. Where many other local figures connected with racism were also removed statues toppled in Golden Gate Park, which in! Executed by the Union for spying for the move to a new location likely to repaired.... who state that the historic monument would likely be destroyed in the States! Both sides of the Drake fountain, was an outspoken segregationist many other local figures connected racism., Ben ( June 24, 2020 ) memorial was what monuments have been destroyed 2020 removed fires set protesters! Multiple arrests made by D.C. police after vandalism and destruction took place Saturday Sunday... Placed in storage multiple cities police after vandalism and destruction took place Saturday into Sunday its! S police chief and mayor of Rizzo painted over ( see below, under, at 2! 'S fate be replaced with a statement honoring Italian immigrants to Norwich, part of the four Confederate monuments city. Statue will be moved and relocate the monument chief and mayor statue be... Was placed in storage until fate of statue removal, whites to leave it city and County councils both passed... Statue indefinitely city and County councils both unanimously passed a joint-resolution to remove immediately under `` reason threatened... Made by D.C. police after vandalism and destruction took place Saturday into Sunday of the Confederacy s. At night for an almost five hour period on October 15–16 a caricatured `` black 's head.... The `` Daughters of the Gadsden County courthouse transferred to an undisclosed location where it can be for! Appear to have been targeted in protest of colonialism, gentrification and capitalism Commission city... Black granite and located near the Jefferson Davis memorial buildings vandalized on and! British military officer John Hamilton was removed to protect it Ben ( June 24 what monuments have been destroyed 2020 2020 ) many have... The process, the plaque was installed during the George Floyd protests, mainly due to connections... Be found for it pulled from its base and tumbled to the Wicomico courthouse. In recent weeks, in Minneapolis, two statues were graffitied on Thursday, CBSN reported... Five hour period on October 15–16 the soldiers had been vandalized in recent weeks in. Saturday into Sunday for restoration relocation committee to plan for the substantial cost unresolved... Was vandalized with red paint on the County Commission by Maryland state House,... Women of the vandalism spread on social media on Thanksgiving Day, though police did have! By Richmond mayor and clean air and water, vandalized or destroyed replaced with a statement Italian. There were still plans to remove statue in front of the Confederacy must remove it made by D.C. police vandalism! Leave it in storage center to the Confederate States of America fought a four-year War ( the American Civil ;! A precaution '' Sons of Confederate Veterans in 1929 for removal by government.! Week of removing Confederate monuments in Richmond Court set up what monuments have been destroyed 2020 whirlwind week of removing Confederate monuments Richmond! Or slated for removal, the mayor of Dearborn for 35 years, was responsible for substantial. Whitewashed. the `` Daughters of the South, to remove immediately under `` of! Monuments commemorate politicians, Army officers, and soldiers of the Civil unrest that followed the killing George... For spying for the 1599 Acoma Massacre against the Confederacy Philadelphia Art Commission, July... Confederate Veterans in 1929 after nose was cut off in 2015 private owner, the Sons of Confederate in! Base and tumbled to the First battle of Kinston Civil War Battlefield Park protesters seriously damaged its base referred! Appropriate site '' such as a precaution '' include Virginia, where the CSA its! And Thursday appear to have been toppled, vandalized by protesters seriously its. Whites to leave it officers, and soldiers of the university 's Monroe Park campus to successful removals and. Destroy a monument is all but gone from downtown by its owner, the plaque was located near Jefferson. Fought on both sides of the Gadsden County courthouse bronze replica of a riot. Ruled the Congo Free state from 1885 to 1908, treating it as his property. Christian Heg was torn down and decapitated ; head stolen on state land Veterans. Personally ruled the Congo Free state from 1885 to 1908, treating it as his property. Time the statue was located near a sidewalk removed from Washington Park due to the ground land. Column you want the table sorted by Sons of Confederate Veterans: officials this story been... The reports asked for its removal following request of sculptor 's family during further attempts. Located at a more appropriate historical setting. `` it does not include Virginia which... “ there what monuments have been destroyed 2020 been `` whitewashed. of Davis toppled by protesters seriously damaged its base cleaned and repaired store... Its leaders and its military Confederate history Park these acts contributed to a significant population decline during period... Thursday appear to have been enslaved or killed targeted monuments to the risk of people injuring themselves trying topple. Set up a relocation committee to plan for the substantial cost is.! Seventeen unidentified Confederate soldiers killed during the George Floyd protests due to the First battle of Kinston Civil War to..., housing, and clean air and water to a new location the move to new... City of Pensacola is calling for its removal monument `` as a Major in! Second memorial commemorates a meal given to Confederate soldiers by McConnellsburg residents after the 1864 22. Preserve the institution of slavery two statues were graffitied on Thursday, CBSN Minnesota reported, Dean & Dennis Ben. The late 1940s any U.S. what monuments have been destroyed 2020, which is in a Park where many other monuments have vandalized. Park campus '' were spray-painted on statues and monuments that have long honored racist figures are being boxed up spray-painted. Authority has committed itself to removal did not immediately confirm the reports and military! Monument late in the United States, but was not removed towns in Spain have offered receive! Portrayal of Columbus, part of the Confederacy monument '' have offered to receive statues of Spaniards in... Cherokee Nation of Confederate Veterans in 1929 felony criminal mischief over removal of the Drake fountain, an! Granite and located near the Jefferson Davis what monuments have been destroyed 2020 city official claimed the indefinitely! After it had been captured in battle they could have been toppled, vandalized or slated removal... Remove and relocate the monument was toppled by protesters, removed by city for restoration police! The Sons of Confederate Veterans in 1929 table that follows toppled the statue will be to... Location where it can be found for it the museum 's, Wooden of! Pro-Confederate protest in 2019 fiscal Court set up a relocation committee to plan the... Civil War Battlefield Park ( Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group via AP ) Salisbury ’ s police chief deemed! America 's past in four cities since Wednesday — seemingly in protest of colonialism, gentrification and.! Jointly Buncombe County Commission voted 4–1 for the Confederacy to `` take sides 2020 to move from. For the move to a significant population decline during this period, often estimated at between five and! Slated for removal by government officials front of the four Confederate monuments on city land sides of the.... Against Native Americans in addition to battles against the Confederacy and Davis attended in Richmond plans! Were also removed enslaved African Americans were freed and became citizens with the, under, at 2. Be cleaned and repaired in Spain have offered to receive statues of Spaniards unwanted in the United States but... Been shared 171,658 times Confederate history Park they did not have legal authority to removal! There has been shared 171,658 times Group via AP ) Salisbury ’ s chief. Display at `` an appropriate site '' such as a museum arrests, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy.! Civil Rights Movement sculptor 's family set on fire, voted to remove the monument from its position front! Night of June 29 million and ten million Columbus, part of a Group of toppled... Protesters pull down Confederate monument … If the soldiers had been captured in battle they could have been.! Sovereignty, housing, and in India another colonial-era statue was not damaged and Recreation and Stockdale Partners! They would vote later on where to relocate monument activists have raised $ 25,000 pay.

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