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Layers are used to separate unit outlines, clearances, dimensions, and connections. Voyager YS 150–300 air conditioner pdf manual download. Front Range HVAC is Colorado’s proven installer of complete commercial rooftop HVAC systems, giving business owners confidence in the quality and durability of their new furnace, ventilator, or air conditioning system. 195 0 obj <>stream Elevation Views of Rooftop ACU. 3-28 Ton Rooftop Units – 48/50TC(Q), 48/50KC(Q), 48/50HC(Q), 48/50LC, EnergyX® models. “Typically the isolation in most installations arrives with the unit at the same time. So with a little planning, some hard labor, and a well-designed rooftop unit, your customers are going to be thrilled with their comfort levels. With a 3-150 ton capacity range and efficiency ratings as high as 17.5 SEER, YORK® Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units in both A/C and packaged heat pump models balance minimized installation and operating costs and come Smart Equipment enabled. h�b```a``^ "=�@��(�����@T��!�6������֣\��n. “Many times the units arrive, the curbs have not been checked, and the crane is sitting on-site. And let’s not forget the need for a properly engineered rooftop unit. Colonial Mechanical’s crews have made a science out of rooftop installation. And when they’re done with the installation, employees in Colonial Mechanical’s service department go through a checklist to make sure it was done correctly. Can be mounted on rooftops or adjacent to foundations. Especially the economizer sections; they need to be factory installed, factory wired, and they do not need to ship loose.”. And there’s no factory start-up involvement from a vfd when it’s bought through an alliance partner, versus being name brand and factory start-up included.”, “A lot of the owners like the piping to be concealed within a compartment, and there’s no room inside the compartment for the piping, let alone the control valves,” he explains. Do not touch any electrical switch; do not Norton says that he and his service department have seen numerous cases in which rooftop units were not installed properly. You must have JavaScript enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the next 30 days. It seems that better quality control is needed on both sides of the equation — contractor and manufacturer — to ensure a premium installation. %%EOF Everyday needs, such as variable-frequency drives, economizers, and control valves, should come as part of the factory-tested package. COVID-19 has boosted customer interest in IAQ solutions. This design is recommended for curb mounted packaged Rooftop Units 20 tons and larger. Then typically we cap that entire enclosure with some type of sheet metal to protect it. It takes forethought. If they’ve done it once, they’ve done it a hundred times, and they know the general game plan: Cut a hole in the roof, put in a curb, put down the unit, hook up the ductwork, and you’re good to go. On-board controls support cloud-based data analytics, including fault detection, to support proactive maintenance and minimize downtime. Look for rooftop units that encourage rather than discourage maintenance by demanding convenient access to both sides of component sections using hinged and latched doors. The accessibility of replacement components needs to be considered when units are designed and manufactured. Do not walk on the roof panels of units installed. And, a permanent lamicoid type label shall be installed at both the receptacle and the main disconnect for each rooftop unit indicating –“ CAUTION “ - Two separate power sources –XXX V for Rooftop unit and 120 V for maintenance receptacle” Adjust wording on the Caution label as required for appropriate voltage of the rooftop unit. Drawings are provided in AutoCAD® 1 DXF format (Drawing Interchange Format) and can be easily used in a variety of CAD software packages. The Engineering Mindset 130,957 views TIL Feedback - we welcome your suggestions at Norton says that some manufacturers also seem to be cutting corners on their rooftop units, which is causing Colonial Mechanical’s service department some trouble. The HUSHCORE™ Plus™ System Model HIC-DS-41 detail shown below is a 2” deflection full vibration curb with STC-41 deck supported radiated sound package. But the truth of the matter is that a really good rooftop installation involves some finesse. Impack units are easy to install and deliver high efficiency heating and cooling in single units. A Year-round rooftop unit is a package unit with a gas heating section. Look for rooftop units that encourage rather than discourage maintenance by demanding convenient access to both sides of component sections using hinged and latched doors. It supports the rooftop unit and transfers the load onto the roof’s structural members, streamlines ductwork connections, and provides the means to complete the weatherproof seal with the roof. “As far as the overall value to the customer, we feel like if they would look at the serviceability of the unit, it would save the end user customer money over the long haul.”, “Right now I think they leave that up to their representatives versus the factory,” Norton says. Is your roof covered by a … And their technicians are also well versed in vibration isolation. It’s just lack of planning on the contractor’s part.”. Rooftop units are a fact of life in a densely populated city, whether you are a residential client or the owner of a retail warehouse. The rooftop unit may be mounted immediately after the curb is installed. Prodigy® 2.0 (M3 Unit Controller) GP3 Control (Repair Part) (13J79) Prodigy® 2.0 (M3 Unit Controller) GP3 Control Field Installation Kit (13J78) Prodigy® 2.0 (M3 Unit Controller) Replacement Cover (10X86) Prodigy® 2.0 (M3 Unit Controller) Setup Guide for Compatible Rooftop Units; Prodigy® (M2 Unit Controller) Firmware Update %PDF-1.6 %���� If it’s not, the unit then will tilt one direction or the other and the weight will shift, and you don’t end up having any isolation.”. “We’ve seen misapplications of vfd’s. OK, that’s oversimplifying things just a wee bit; however, many just don’t think that installing a rooftop unit is that difficult most of the time. In addition to the concerns mentioned in the article about the quality of rooftop units, Robert Norton sees three problem areas: Restaurant Owners Hang Hopes on IAQ Solutions, Manufacturers Optimistic Over Heat Pump Outlook for the Upcoming Year, Refrigerant Concerns Top Agendas at Industry Events, California Approves Rules To Phase Down HFCs, Regular service keeps rooftop units in tip-top shape, Rooftop Units Designed To Help Improve IAQ, Rooftop Units Offer Advanced Ventilation Control. which will result in enhanced installation, reliability, or operation. The roof curb is the interface between the building and the rooftop unit. In order to save money, manufacturers seem to have made their products more difficult rather than easier to service. 3. It’s not good enough to just show up on the roof and hope that the unit and everything else will be there when you arrive. To keep surprises to a minimum, Colonial Mechanical’s crews make sure everything is planned well in advance. In larger installations, say 60 tons and above, a level curb is necessary for vibration isolation. And, typically the crew checks directly below the unit to see how they’ve come off the unit with the duct transition. All Rights Reserved BNP Media. CAUTION CUT HAZARD Failure to follow this caution may result in personal injury. The constant innovation in rooftop unit (RTU) design is driven by new demands for higher energy efficiency and local regulations. How can buildings create healthier environments yet perform efficiently to attract and retain occupants? Packaged Rooftop Units, Heat Pumps, & Outdoor Air Handling Units Installation, Operation, & Maintenance o Do not store gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance o WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS Do not try to light any appliance. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. If the trap is not deep enough, then typically you’ll have a problem with the condensate backing up, leaking into the unit,” says Norton.

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