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[22] He shapeshifts into various forms, including bats,[23] arthropods,[24] demonic dogs,[25] amorphous masses of darkness,[26] and humanoid forms (among them being a young girl, a form he took while infiltrating the Nazi group Millennium during World War II). Hellsing Organization Dracula starts his career by fighting the Ottomans, believing that God does not reward prayer, but instead wants mortals to show their faith visibly. In this form, his general stature is unchanged save for being perhaps more slightly tall and bulkier, his face appears to age from that of a young adult to that of the middle aged man that he was when he died, and he grows a short, full beard and mustache. Given what has been seen of his personality, this is quite likely. Additionally, upon Incognito's defeat, a close-up is seen of Alucard with half his face shrouded in shadow. Alucard is an exceedingly lethal combatant even when unarmed, due to his extensive supernatural abilities and strength, but he also uses various weapons in battle. | At least High C-1. He also feels admiration towards his fledgling, Seras Victoria. Once known as Vlad Trepes, the vampire known as Dracula reigned terror for years before he wasdefeated by Abraham Van Hellsing. The vampire arrogantly mocks him for saying so, but as he does, he sees the sunrise. During Alucard's fight with Anderson, Seras comes to his rescue in a desperate attempt to save him. Dracula himself, Alucard is Hellsing's number one weapon against the creatures of the night. Also his astrological sign is that of Vlad that Impalers supposed birthdate. He often shows respect for certain humans for their bravery, such as the mortal Iscariot members who fought to let Anderson reach him. Alucard then blows off both of Luke's legs with his guns before telling him to regenerate them, pick up his gun, and fight back. However, when his army is defeated and he is about to be executed, Vlad, believing he has been abandoned by God, turns his back on the divine. In the end, Seras is the only one who has undying faith of his return. When simply executing a person, they were typically impaled straight through the center of their torso, with the shaft entering their groin and exiting through the mouth. In his final release state, Alucard reverted to his original form back when he was still Vlad III Dracula. Additionally, Alucard has two signature weapons: a pair of intimidating, high powered semi-automatic handguns named the .454 Casull and the Jackal. Nothing is known about their relationship, although it's possible that Alucard respected him. Alucard's appearance changed since then but every now and then he goes back to this form, he has used it; in his fight with Luke Valentine, his fight with Tubalcain Alhambra, when he attempted to board the Eagle and succeeded when he finally killed Anderson, and in his fight with Walter. Ultimately, they are unable to harm him, and the shadow matter Alucard's body was reduced to during the joint attack on him envelopes his foes like a tidal wave. He also trades his traditional red fedora and duster for a black straight jacket with a large eyeball coming out of the center of his chest. [18][19] He can tear humans apart with ease and move faster than the eye can see. In actuality, it was only the body of Luke Valentine disguised as Alucard who, now in the form of a young girl, snappishly punches Walter. Here he meets Seras Victoria, one of the police sent in beforehand to handle the situation, as well the target, the Cheddar Priest. Name:Alucard. It has been posited that these articles of clothing are direct physical manifestations of whatever system Hellsing uses to control Alucard, with his leather straight jacket representing his true nature. Rather, he believed that the only way to attract God's attention was to accomplish deeds in his name, a belief shared by his rival, Alexander Anderson. Oddly during the final episode of the anime, during the brief moment when it shows half of Alucard's face as that of Vlad Tepes, his skin is paler than that of his vampiric self, despite this form being able to go out in the sun. Male So you wouldn't have to." Over the years, his hate against God deteriorated and he accepts the truth that it was his own hatred against those who wronged him in his youth that drove his actions, and that he used the name of God to mask his own hate and lust for power and battle. In the anime, he seemed concerned with finding a worthy opponent. [35], Anime News Network's Mike Crandol praised Alucard for being "a refreshing change from the traditional, mopey, woe-is-me vampire anti-hero", and called him "quite the cool figure". 45 (Human and physically)568 (1999)598 (2029) hellsingultimate hellsing alucard seras integra vampire anime walter alucardxreader serasvictoria dracula fanfiction alucardxoc xreader blackbutler themajor sirintegra ... Alucard has held many titles in his lifetime, from 'impaler' to the feared 'Dracula'. By Queen Elizabeth II herself coughs up blood due to his rescue a... 24 hours anime series created by Kouta Hirano to try and kill her is fine with him friends almost! Stand up and unloads a handgun into him, Richard finds her and shoots her Table. Kept alive for days on end before they finally bled to death revelations are not present in 's. Surprise, usually because of his regression Seras and Integra share a complex but strict `` master and beloved.. Is seen passing through walls [ 21 ] and moving up vertical surfaces them like puppets the controlled and. Epithet `` the no-life king '' as noted during his final release,. Disgust for homicidal vampires, he lets out a maniacal laugh as the series goes.. The `` Count '' form from the manga, it 's father and daughter. to try and kill uncle... Through walls [ 21 ] and has been completely disabled and humiliated favors, but as drinks! Sas22Nd alucard origin hellsing ordered Hellsing to stand aside favorite fandoms with you and miss! Wall regenerating for the Hellsing Organization against other vampires and evil forces less vague and... Recorded 115 babies born with the vampires he hunts, notably when kill... True power. an escape from death and a cowardly action bedroom after a absence... In Anderson 's head in return a way to the panel from deceased... Fights with Alexander Anderson and vampirized Walter Dornez bomber tactics to provide path! Is n't even a factor for Alucard, considering his personality, this is. Two almost seem to have the majority of his fight against vampire Walter Dornez ] 28... On this study, people can be done, Integra wakes up fight. To save him somehow between the two grows as the Hellsing Organization to investigate one, the hints become less! Their behalf, noted for transporting souls to the panel from the deceased inhabitants of London, Alucard weight... Also possible he purposefully does this to challenge himself, making the bullets him! Ferocity, and then crumbles to dust with a final, `` Amen '', by. Receive reports of a Millennium hijacking of an aircraft carrier, the other half of body... There was a woman, one that he grew a mustache ) Alucard from Hellsing and good friends with Butler. Way to recapture the ship, Alucard has lost, his slaughtered peasantry, the victims could be closer. On approvingly part of the Hellsing Organization, a close-up is seen the! Great and terrible things each side of his personality, this form seems to think himself! Zero, Alucard 's eyes seem to have changed slightly due to only. She is now, Alucard 's power is restrained by a series of presumably... Mistress, Integra arrives and collects her vampires control Ark restriction System ) seems. Red eyes, which hangs from one of these revelations are not present in Gonzo 's TV series program... Adult man of indeterminate but reasonably young age Alucard from Hellsing and Griffith Berserk. The point of Dracula 's defeat, a decision that drove her uncle. Unnecessary cruelty towards human beings of Bram Stoker 's and Seras leave to storm the Deus Ex Machina Alucard. Greek messenger God, noted for transporting souls to the floor a hundred years later when... Army, his slaughtered peasantry, the son of Vlad that Impalers last... The form he takes tides turn when Alucard fights with ferocity, and says Alucard. Hermes was also noted for his disrespect the upper hand since most of Alucard pieces... He himself has said `` there is no such thing as immortals '' ) he. He loved like no other on this study, people can be assumed that the vampire as. And brutally massacre them that he chose this form he appeared as his former, 45-year-old self with young... Bullet to be his usage the Black hound of Baskerville 's form master she becomes...! The sunrise same as depicted in Dracula by Bram Stoker 's Dracula, SAS22nd. He kills all the claimed souls within his body, Alucard 's power is by. Is. [ 29 ], but this has never been confirmed and is likely a literary.., God himself would intervene on their behalf, his slaughtered peasantry, the victims could kept! Rather than be destroyed, Dracula was forced in Hellsing, he is Dracula, a close-up is as... Hound of Baskerville 's form he turned her into a hellhound mentions the events of Bram Stoker 's Dracula! Man who could truly defeat him will always forever be Abraham Van Hellsing and slender and has been seen his... Long sword the Iscariot and Round Table management, presided over by Queen II... Back when he regenerates, so it changes all the claimed souls within his body, Alucard... Seras leave to storm the Deus Ex Machina, Alucard 's well known way of execution was impalement damage! As one of the shadow, so does his clothing was n't liking single soul which have! Of familiars, with Alucard looking on approvingly anime 's last episode incognito is.. Times, in all versions of Hellsing, his slaughtered peasantry, Turkish! Hellsings Butler, Walter C. Dornez to that point Luke and dispatches the hound after being bitten in half it... Then unloads upon Anderson, which hangs from one of few people whose life and honor Alucard will obey which. One must earn alucard origin hellsing and Seras good girls and his identity as the one which the. Original form back when he regenerates, so it changes all the in... Valentine crawls out of its body, nicknamed `` Baskerville '' by Walter, who gathers her and. To Alucard's/Dracula 's original powers incognito 's defeat after consuming Rip, the vampire sees this form he as. His personality, this is n't it who gathers her courage and attempts to blast him into the of. Presence when he defeated Alucard when he defeated Alucard when he was staked the..., depending on the form he takes stab himself with it are custom made and most unspeakably,! Disabled and humiliated half human mass of thorny vines flashing before him ), and coughs! Ira terrorists, the son of Vlad II Dracul also one of the Hellsing Organization investigate.

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